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Building a bar, which materials etc. Answered

i plan on building a bar, but i don't know what sort of wood to use, i have already designed it in Google Sketch-up, so could someone help. the design includes alot of detail including raised and lowered parts. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

I would use 3/4 oak plywood for the large bits like the ends, back and shelves..

And  oak planks for the cabinet frames. 

But doing that curved bit at the top is going to be hard to do in plywood so it probably will need to be 2-3  pieces of oak 1 x6 glued face to face then planed to get the curve.

You can get oak plywood and planks at Home Depot etc.

3/4" hardwood plywood $40. 3/4" red oak plywood $50. You can get the prices on line. Figure out how much wood you need and multiply by price. Then add 25%. If you build a good frame your fill in plywood won't have to be 3/4". You could get by with 1/4" since it's just covering open space. But if the plywood is going to be the frame and as such will be structural it needs to be 3/4".

so, 3/4 oak plywood (for ends and shelves etc. oak planks for frames (decorated parts as well?) and 2-3 pieces of oak t make decorative top frame? what sort of cost are we looking at then (roughly)

The "best" would be whatever (responsibly-sourced) hardwood you can get hold of.

In practice, you're probably looking at hardwood-faced plywood, with beadings and trims.

so something like birch or oak faced plywood?

You need to think about it whilst having a few drinks.