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Building a capacitor charging unit Answered

I was looking for a HowTo on building a capacitor charging unit. I saw a thread on a forum a while back that said you could create a large EM Pulse by sending a huge current down a coil of wire. I was looking about wiring up a bunch of these 220uF caps from Maplin


They are the last ones on the list.

Would a few of these be sufficient to produce a large EM field, one that could fry sensitive electronic equipment. And how would i go about charging them all to the full capacity.

Also while on this topic, would this be an efficient way of generating an EM pulse, or could you suggest any other ways of doing so.


Perhaps if the electronic equipment were within a few mm of it. To create a significant EM pulse, without an atomic blast, would require much larger capacitors and a heck of a lot of them. It would also require a very, very large trasformer and some sort of dish to concentrate it into a very small area. To a search. This has been discussed here quite a bit in the past.

So where can i get hold of giant caps? Everywhere i try only sells this type

You wouldn't happen to know if they deliver to the UK would you?

Oh sorry, are you referring to HV caps, not high potential caps?

Well I'm kind of new to this kind of stuff. I just want one or two big caps that can hold and discharge a large amount of electricity.

No. You want enough capacitance to generate a lethal EM Pulse. Your talking about quite a few high voltage/high capacity capacitors to discharge rapidly into a large electromagnet. I expect this would cost a few hundred dollars and only work once (since it would also fry its own electronics.). I couldn't imagine a use, other then terrorism, for something like this though. If you just want to fry some sensitive electronics, spray some water on them.

I suppose you're right about the terrorism bit. Probably not the best of idea to mess with giant EMP's But I'm still stuck on how to effectively charge and discharge one, or a bunch of caps. Will this diagram work?

crappy diagram.PNG

What is the reason for wanting to charge and discharge the capacitors? Pat. Pending

I want to try and build a coil gun, but i can't without caps.

There are coil gun instructables if you look for them. However, experimenting with coil guns(or any high energy discharge system) without understanding basic principles is a good way of getting dead:-/ Cheers, Pat. Pending

Or, at very least, maiming one's self or frying one's own sensitive electronics (internal systems, that is, our neuro-system is not made for HV ).

1-Tesla EMP's (is that 10,000 gauss?) are fun to discharge near people,
since it produces the sensation of being slapped by a ghost.
My rig consisted of a 1000V 1A transformer, high voltage diodes,
10 100 watt lightbulbs, a frankenstein switch, 3 high voltage 88 uF
capacitors, 10 turns of 10 gauge wire, ... it dimmed the lights when
charging. I can't remember if it damaged any electronics.
However, the pulse wavelength measuring instrument consists of CMOS logic and survives to this day. I built it according to information
in the medical chapter of the Encyclopedia of Electrical Engineering
from the local neighborhood public library.

BTW, SONY has no valid patent on direct neurological transmission,
since scissors cuts paper and if their rumor is true they were late.

That circuit would probably blow the 12v source unless it's current limited. Initially, a capacitor will appear to a DC source as a short until the capacitors reach sufficient charge. The current output would be limited mostly by the load supplied.

Why do you want to generate an EM pulse? Cheers, Pat. Pending

To fry sensitive electronics. I also had a few other ideas that involved large caps, and something to charge the caps.

Uhuh, I read that in the topic - what sensitive electronics and why do you want to fry them? Pat. Pending