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Building a cooler radio. What should I use for a power source? Answered

Building a cooler radio using a motorcycle 300w amp with ipod, marine speakers, and old coleman cooler. What should I use for a power source? Thinking about a 12V rechargeable battery. Are there better solutions to supply power?


I am completing a similar project. i am planning on using a lawnmower battery, or a marine deep cycle battery. i going to use a cooler with wheels so im not too worried about weight. i at walmart they have lawnmower batteries for 19.99 and a marine deep cycle 75AH battery for 58.00. hope this helps,if you have anymore questions just send me a message.

I am trying to build one myself but not sure how to recharge the battery any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

http://www.walmart.com/ip/Schumacher-SpeedCharge-Battery-Maintainer-and-Charger/13005742 battery charger

I'd go with two smaller lawnmower batteries wired in sequence. The marine deep cycle will last longer, but will be heavier and will cost more to replace, which you will be doing often. A recommendation: forget the amp - it'll just drain your battery way faster. a couple 5" or 6" rounds will put out plenty of sound and any bass you get from a sub will rattle like crazy. Since it'll be used outside (I'm guessing) you won't really get the benefit of the sub anyway because there's no way to get real compression outdoors so there's no real reason to amp the bass. Focus on the mids and highs, keep it light weight, and make the battery last longer. One last note: for what you're gonna spend on this you could probably get a decent little boombox with a Li battery putting out a decent sound in a smaller box like this one. Either way, good luck

If you can figure out how to put it together you could use 8 AA, AAA or even AAAA batteries. There are 6 AAAA batteries in 1 9v. Hope this helps.