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Building a home Hi-Fi using 12V car sopund components Answered

Many years ago I used to have big sound systems in my cars. I grew out of this but am left with the parts, i.e. speakers and radios and amps.

I would like to build a hi-fi system using these parts. I’ll need to build enclosures for the speakers and radio and amps. No problem.

My problem revolves around how do I power this setup? Using a charged car 12V battery is the simplest option and will give the cleanest sound, but that will have the problem of maintaining the battery using suitable charging mechanisms. The other option is to build or buy some kind of 12V power supply that can run from a household 220V AC power socket. The problem with this is, that the power supply will need to be able to handle large currents, to the tune of 90 Amps!!

How can this be done?



3 years ago

What about a large transforme r and 90 amps aint nothing special besides that you waste your money. Just build an amp and buy some nice speakers. All those car amps are audiotechnical cheap stuff , overpowered. with 100's of watt, while a good 60 watt continue channel sound way louder/ cleaner with descent speakers . And it's upgradable.


Reply 5 years ago

I've seen the build. My problem is power. I wont be able to power my amps with a computer power supply.