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Building a new front door? Answered

Are there any codes or regulations (in general, or more specifically in Philly) that I should know about before building a new wooden front door? And what other things should I consider besides security and insulation? Thanks!


If you are replacing just the door and not modifying the entranceway or frame, I don't think you would need any permits. If you are cutting a new hole for an entrance there are structural considerations and the rough framing needs to be to code. You might want to check with a builder or contractor, it may be quicker than dealing with the city bureacracy. Any changes might need a permit or an architect to do drawings to file. If the house is in a historic area or subdivision with a co-op or board, you might have to have pre-approval. Good luck.

And if you are just crafting a door, you might want to consider hardware - hinges and locks. What style you want to make it and the choice of wood and finishes. Check out finehombuilding.com or finewoodworking.com for articles on doors.

It's just the door itself, and it is an old building that's in a Co-op (you get points for accuracy!), but as it turns out, all the buildings in the Co-op have different style doors as it is. The idea of hardware hadn't occurred to me at all. Thanks for the help and info!