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Building a tall bed Answered

Hi Instructables Community!

I need to build a bed with about 2 feet of storage underneath it so I can put my things in boxes and sublet my room!  I am attempting to do this on the cheap, but also want the bed to be sturdy enough to jump on!  My idea is to have four 6x6 bedposts and construct the frame out of 2x6s with a 2x4 running lengthwise and also one running across on the bottom for added support.  And possibly brackets to help reinforce the legs.  I don't have a box spring and am not sure whether use plywood sheets or fence boards for the platform. 
Any thoughts on this plan?  Does it sound sturdy? 
Also, I am trying to find a way to transport lumber from the building supply store I will buy it from to my house.  If you live in SF and have a truck, I will pay you and make you lunch if you help me out!   Let me know!


Having experienced the exact same dilemma, you can use my project as a guide.

My bed ended up being more like 5; off the ground, but the same idea (storage underneath). Though 6x6 would be overkill, you're on the right track. You should type in  'bed' or 'loft bed' into the instructables search engine and combine a few of the ideas into yours.

As for getting the wood home, I managed to take most of mine from the hardware store on my bicycle. Though, it did take about 3 trips and I had to ask real nice to let them keep my cut lumber in a corner until i got back.

Good luck, post your results!

The type of bed that you are trying to make is now available at many places, though it may not be popular but they are becoming very popular these days as they save a lot of storage space by providing storage in itself. Home improvement store can help you get the desired bed that you want and may other things that will help remodel your house like mine.

If your joints are good, that sounds very sturdy.  Most bed posts are only 3x3 or 4x4 inches.


Bundle your lumber, fasten wheels on one end, tie the other end to a cycle trailer.  Pedal hard in low gear.