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Building a unicycle Answered

I have been thinking about making a unicycle from an old bicycle, because I want a unicycle that is better for commuting with a wheel that is larger than my unicycle now, which only has a 20 inch wheel. Any Ideas/suggestions?


Friendofhumanity tackled modifying a normal bicycle to a unicycle here:https://www.instructables.com/id/Bicycle-to-Unicycle-in-three-thousand-easy-steps-/ and there a bunch of other builds on the site. (Look for bicycle frame builds too.

FOH said that his build seemed less stable than his normal uni, and I wonder if it might be b/c the curved fork puts the center of the wheel a little bit ahead of the seat center of gravity. I.e. I'd guess it would even better if you could find a straight folk to scavenge. Best o luck and let us know how it turns out!

Oh, and if you use an aluminum frame, be careful when welding it. AL doesn't change color when it's heated, so if you are not careful, it's grey, grey, grey,grey, puddle. And do it in a well ventilated space.

Awesome! I think you may be right about it seeming a little unstable because of the curved fork. Also maybe because he used a bicycle seat instead of a unicycle saddle. It seems like the most complicated part of that project was the fact that it was a giraffe unicycle (5 footer) and so it needed a chain and some sturdy welding. If I am planning to make just a normal sized unicycle, I think that my biggest issue will be attaching the pedals to the axle for a direct drive. I am unsure about how exactly to handle the axle because usually a unicycle has bearings and brackets to manage the pressure on the axle and run smoothly. I don't know if I should buy bearings and brackets or just leave it the way it is.
Thanks for the welding tips. I unfortunately do not have experience welding, so much it is much appreciated.

Ooh, good question about the bearings. Wonder if you could get wrecked off road bike from a repair shop or Craig's list or in some locations, good will.. ( thinking broken frame bike, as long as the broken bits are one you don't care about) At least an off road would start you with a heavier grade of bearings.

Cool idea, and let us know how it urns out!

Yeah. I think I should be able to find some on the internet somewhere. Right, as long as the parts that are broken are not ones that I am planning on using.
When I get started I'll be sure to post an instructable on it.

You're going to commute on a unicycle? How do you cope with traffic?

I live in a small town. Not much traffic here. Plus, half my commute to class in the morning is on campus where it is mostly sidewalk.