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Building an electromagnet. Help anyone? Answered

Hi all. I'm looking to mess with ferro fluid but I'm wondering exactly what kind of magnet I'm going to want.  From what I've looked up anything under 3000 gauss and I might as well get a rare earth magnet.  So obviously we move to electromagnets.  Basically what I'm looking for is help to create an electro magnet with these three criteria maximum gauss, minimum effort, and moderate safety.  I'd rather not have it get hot and burn myself.?


My friend built a powerful electromagnet by going out and actually purchasing a cast iron rod made for electromagnets. He then wrapped it very tightly with multiple coils of magnet wire, and put 12 volts through it. I don't know how hot it would get, however. Alternatively, you could consider taking apart some hard drives, those little permanent magnets are strong suckers.

Prepair by rolling enamel coated wire, wrap around the metal rod tidily, not overlapping or slanted. The more the laps or the higher the electric flow, the more the electromagnetic charge. If you have much power, bigger core and more wires, you can make an EMP, know as electromagnetic pulse, a powerful weapon destroying metal and Circuit Boards!

Just get a steel core (iron bolt/whatever), get some enamled wire, and a power supply

Wrap the steel core in the enameled wire, and connect both ends of the wire to the power supply

Tada, electromagnet

Well of course that would give me an electromagnet.  This is not what I asked.  For example I've  heard that copper ribbon will give a better result than copper wire. And also what kind of gauss does an electromagnet with a 9 volt power supply give off?  Basically your answer did not help me at all.

The answer Alex gives is the best he can give with the information you gave. A magnet performs in a certain way in a magnetic circuit.

The guass is directly related to how good of a magnetic flux conductor the core is, how many turns of wire there are, and the current applied.