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Building audio receiver for car? Answered

Kindly bare with my stupid queries as i am new to all of this.
I searched different projects on this website but I couldn't figure the the connections properly.
I want to build a bluetooth audio receiver that can be used in the car.
I have an old bluetooth dongle that I used to get bluetooth connectivity on my desktop.
Can it be used?
If yes, then please describe the connections of the female 3.5mm jack with a diagram as I am a newbie. 
Will the sound quality be good?


What about something like this?


All you need is a Bluetooth receiver to pair with your phone. If your asking what the PIN-OUT is, The male end of the plug will have Left speaker on top, Right speaker in the middle and the bottom connection will be ground. We could use some clarification to what your trying to use It allmost sounds like you are trying to use a USB dongle to interface with a 3.5mm jack, wich unfortunatly will not work. Do you have a Pic to post?


Sorry I don't have a picture, the device doesnt have any output ports like for the audio jack. It just has a usb port for input and it provide file transfer using bly

Yhea sorry it won't work then.

By the time you invest in a micro controller and a proper DAC it will cost a small fortune, and hours of your time. I'd suggest go with the receiver I posted earlier if you don't want to spend that much there are cheaper ones available for like 15-$20 but the quality leave much to be desired.

You want to put this with the existing wire harness of your car where the radio use to be or add this to an existing audio system? If it's an existing audio system does it have an aux input or tape deck?

I want to add this to an existing audio system and the system does have an aux input.

With it being a USB Bluetooth dongle with no audio jack on it you won't be able to use it. However there are Bluetooth receivers you can get with audio jacks. So all you would need is a male to male 3.5mm cable to connect it to your car stereo.

All you need then is a convenient jack to wire to the AUX input.

Do you have a radio in your car already ?

The bluetooth unit can be interfaced into a radio, with some work.