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Building blocks associated with Arduino 433 Mhz transmitter & receiver Answered

Newbie here.  I want to make a temperature monitor that will transmit an alert signal to a receiver.  If I use the little 433Mhz  Arduino RF transmitter / receiver modules, what would I need with them?  I know these can be attached to the Arduino programing boards and are made functional by a computer program, but I don’t want to stick the Arduino program board & computer under the house where I want to measure the temperature.  I’m confused by this.  I understand these little units are used in remote control cars & planes, but what do they get connected to?


The simple 433 TX and RX transmit serial data. So they are fed from a single pin on the micro controller. At the RX end if you need to assemble the data into a string again you will also need a microprocessor.

I would expect there are numerous sketches to do this for the Arduino.

the data sheet fr the relevant TX RX set up should show you how.

Thank you for responding. The rec & xmiters had no data sheets. Would attaching a (embedding) programmed, "Pro Mini atmega328" to the transmitter & receiver, along with the peripheral parts (battery, sensor, relay etc) do the trick?

These are not the same modules I have. Mine are the ones in the attached pic.

Xmit & Rec.jpg

It might have helped if you gave some kind of identification - Numbers or names.

The point I was making is that the principles of operation are the same as the data sheet i directed you to.

You can roll your own "arduino" clone from a few cheap bits which will do just what you want.

Depending on my location I would use the Picaxe - They arrange for attaching radio and make life easy.