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Building custom computer case with metal or plastic. Answered

I recently saw a compilation of images of a bunch of custom computer cases. They was amazing looking cases too. Anyway, I really want to make my own case, but, I'm not as to how I should go about doing so with metal or plastic, I thought about making it with wood (something I know more about), but, I figured wood would attract a lot of dust and generate a lot more heat. What I'm looking to do is trying to find a way I could "warp" metal into 3-dimensional designs, I was hoping for something Victorian looking design. If that wasn't possible, I thought about plastic, although, I know nothing about creating with plastic. Can anyone give me any information about how I could go about this?



9 years ago

Just like working w/ wood, there is a learning curve to make it do what you want. For shaping plastic you might want to google vacuum or injection molding. I haven't actually done anything w/ them, but have read a lil. As far as metal, there are so many different ways to fabricate stuff that you need to know what exactly you want it to look like, before you know where to start. But I would check out http://www.metalmeet.com It's a great forum for metal working. A lot of nice people always willing to help (a lot like here). Good luck. . .