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Building integrated led rear mountain bike lights? Answered

Hi folks ,as said above , would like to install a row of red high-power leds into the rear of my bike seat  post to give a hidden , high-tech look  :-).
Elements of design to be considered ;  to run off  2-4 AA batteries , to use 5-7  5mm leds , to use        " off the shelf parts " , no hand built electronics , to have constant and flash modes , would consider adapting an existing product ( e.g. cateye light unit )
For the installation i intend to drill a row of 5.5mm holes , 25mm apart , with the led heads sealed in place just protruding the surface of the metal post. The led leads would be drawn up and out of the top of the seat post into the saddle area and is where the battery pack would be strapped in. Any electronics could be housed inside seat post or under saddle. A handle bar switch would be nice but not essential.
I feel confident about the wiring and fitting of the components ( electrician by trade ) just need a pointer with the electronics.
Cheers Pete.


"No handbuilt electronics", are you ok building a circuit or looking for a prebuilt circuit?

would prefer using pre-built components even if it means stripping down existing light unit , as they will be alot more compact in size compared to home-made circuit board.

.  Unless you are into metal enemas, I would highly suggest NOT drilling (or otherwise modifying) the seat post. Use the seat itself as a mounting point.

thanks for your concern , however the post will not weaken to the point of breaking under my weight as the pilot holes will be spaced apart and of small diameter.Considered this and worth the risk.