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Building material that dissolves in water and same time flame retardant? Answered

Hello everyone! I have a problem that I've been working on for a while. 
I need to instal a mobile unit in the sprinklered mall. The Fire Marshall told us that the mobile unit has to be installed with sprinklers or with a ceiling that dissolves in the water AND flame retardant in the same time. Installing sprinklers is not an option. Also, the ceiling has to be about 8x20.

I need to know if it's possible and if yes, what materials would work? 
I would really appreciate any help! And If it's possible even only in theory, please let me know. 


I know! Salt!

BTW, what is this thing you call, "mobile unit" ?

I mean, I know it is one of a thing, and it moves, or maybe it is a thing capable of being moved. And it is inside a mall. And it has a ceiling, apart from the mall's ceiling, which has sprinklers on it. And "mobile unit" must be pleasing to the Fire Marshall.

Is "mobile unit" like a portable building that goes inside a larger building? Somehow I am not quite picturing it.

mmm Sugar maybe. - Not fire proof but certainly disolves in water and the prop departments have been making false windows out of it for years.

Yeah. Salt. Sugar. The related panel seems to be suggesting, borax.

Borax is certainly a fire suppressant, Not sure you could get it to crystallize in a sheet though. I have only seen it as a powder is crystals & use it as a silver soldering flux.

Well this is why the 'ibles in the related panel are all about borax loaded into some kind of substrate, like fabric, or paper.

Supposing you start with a paper sufficiently weak, like paper towels or toilet paper. Then soak it in borax solution. Then dry the water out, so the paper gets loaded with borax.

The material you end up with would be weak enough to be destroyed by falling water. But, at the same time, this material might work well in the presence of flames. I mean, it would not catch on fire, and help fire get bigger, the way ordinary paper would.

Yep paper could be a good option = suitably shaped it can be very stiff although 8 x 20 is a big area to cover in such a way unless you supported it with bars under.

MAy be a problem proving it is sufficiently fire proof though.

I assume those drop ceiling panels you see in pretty much every office building would probably qualify. They come apart pretty quick in water for sure but you'd have to check on their fire impedance rating.


11 months ago

I see kiosks all the time.. They are large lock-up cabinets that open to display products and let promoters set up barriers for clients... But there is no entry into the kiosk and no need for a ceiling...

Basically, we want to build a turnkey structure out of panels inside of a mall, in a kiosk area. I called it a mobile unit because it will not be permanent.

This reminds me of the Chela, from Robert Forward's novel, Dragon's Egg.


They were a race of tiny, slug-like, intelligent creatures, made of degenerate matter, whose natural habitat was the crushing 67-billion gee gravity, on the surface of a neutron star.

Anyway, the thing that reminded me of the Chela, is that their buildings, including their spaceships, usually had rooms with vertical walls, and a floor, but without a ceiling.

The reason for this was the super intense gravity. It kind of made ceilings impractical, and dangerous.

How water soluble?

Gypsum board breaks down with water and it is fire retardant.


11 months ago

If you are in a Mall you do not need a ceiling, bars will do.

The mobile unit requires ceiling.

Maybe you will tell us all the rules and what others have done in the past, so we may avoid after rules...

Sugar strands could make a dissolving ceiling but does the marshal consider it a fire hazard..

Or just run the walls up to the Mall ceiling...