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Bulk/Cheap Electrical Components Answered

I am growing tired of spending large amounts of money on few quantities of components. Are there any [trusted] sources to buy in bulk (for cheaper) from?

I'd be more then happy to buy 1,000 LEDs for $20. That's fine with me. I'm currently spending about $2.00 on just 10 LEDs. Anything is an improvement. I'm trying to stay away from auction websites like eBay.

Any suggestions are useful! Thanks!


I am selling electronic components on ebay for really cheap prices
i make custom part bags
and i can get requested parts for cheap ( any quantity and any specs)
shipping depends on the final quantity and mainly to usa
if your interested pm me and i will direct you to my ebay page

Trade suppliers like RS components and Farnell offer substantial price reductions over other low-quantity suppliers, especially when buying 100+ of anything, although there is a minimum order of about £15

He's UK-based, but I'd recommend instructables member Phenoptix.

He sells LEDs online, and has been known to give discounts to buyers who ask nicely, buy lots and are also members here.

(I think his prices go as low as 11p per LED, depending on type and quantity.)