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Bumping old question w. insufficient responses? Answered

I posted a question a year ago and got a few responses, but nobody quite answered in the way that would have been useful.  I did appreciate the replies (and expressed so), but none hit the nail on the head.

The thread went dormant, you could say.  Is there a way to bump the thread up in the specific forum?  Thanks.



9 months ago

Put it in Answers instead..

I rarely come here.

Silliest thing Instructables ever did was to fragment their user community into forum users and "Answers" users. Although the overall community never was very interested in interacting outside of their individual projects.

Coming from a long-time I'ble-er...

for a long time, I had not noticed the answers section.

ask a clarifying question to narrow down what cha wanna know rather than just replying with "Bump!".

If you leave a reply it should come up to the top again.