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Bunch of LEDs Answered

So I got those led laying arround for a while now. I bought it for another project that I never started and don't interest me anymore. So I'm looking for a nice project idea to use it. I'd like to do something big and bright. I'm looking for good idea. My first one was a kind of frame with a semi transparent glass and front of it so we wouldnt see the component but still see the light. But my skill are more woodworking/woodturning/resin casting and pretty basic electronic I can solder pretty great (I think...) but i'd need a good instructables to guide me. I got: 900ish big white 50ish small white 500ish small blue 100 big red


Ooh make a wooden sculpture of the Millennium Falcon and add lights to it.

there was an interactive light table posted a while back......somehow i can't find it right now, but you can try something like that. I'll post the link if i find it.....

Could always try to make an LED cube display.

I think that has been done to death by now, still fun though, you can still get creative with the programming. and do some nifty visials that are unique