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Burning Man How-Tos, Costumes, Bikes, and Tips & Tricks Answered

Burning Man, the famous weeklong festival of music, art, free expression, and much more in the Nevada desert, is just around the corner. Whether you're a Burning Man veteran, a first-timer, or someone who is interested from afar, here's a list of some Instructables that will help you prepare and make your unique Burning Man experience even better.

General Advice

TimAnderson's Tips by TimAnderson
Learn all about Burning Man and easy, creative ways to keep yourself prepared and safe from TimAnderson's documentation of his trip to the festival last year.

HalcyonPink's Tips by HalcyonPink
In this video and the follow-up, Burning Man veteran HalcyonPink gives you his advice.
Find Your Fashion

Fire Skirt by la
The popular fire skirt uses EL wire to give your clothes some personality.

Angel Wings by fairywingsandthings
If your attire of choice requires wings, you're well covered: you could try these angel wings or a different version .
Color-Changing Scarf by enlighted
You can't go wrong with clothes that light up.
Electric Umbrella by sockmaster
You can't go wrong with accessories that light up, either.
Bikes and the Like

Wobble Bike by dan
For a fun twist on a regular bike, convert it into a wobble bike that you have to steer from both the back and the front.

Kite-Powered Land Proa by aerohydro
Derived from a water proa Instructable, this vehicle transplants the idea to land--ideal for flat, dry terrain like the playa.
Tall Bike by TimAnderson
Get an aerial view of all the action while you bike along with this tall bike that anyone can build. .
Chopper Bicycle by KoolKat
Few bike designs are as functional and attention-grabbing as the chopper, and you can follow these directions to upgrade your old bike, chopper style.
Furry Pink Bike by HalcyonPink
Burning Man is all about being creative and expressing yourself--and your bike is a perfect item to deck out in your own personal style.
LED Bike Wheel Images by ladyada
Transform your bike wheels with LEDs that you can program to glow to form various patterns, images, and designs .
Shelter and Shade

Parachute Shade Structure by benjcarson
This Burning Man-tested structure will help protect you from the raw elements of the playa.

Rebar Tent Stakes by tk1314
Normal tent stakes won't be too effective at Burning Man, but these made from rebar prevent impaling and will hold your tent firmly.
Portable Yurt by TimAnderson
This version of a yurt, a Mongolian tent-like structure, is portable and can be assembled and disassembled easily.
Fire, Flying Things, and Other Fun

Firebreathing by Tetranitrate
A combination of fire, art, and fun, you can light up the desert night with firebreathing tricks.

Cincinnati Fire Kite by stasterisk
Kiting is a very popular activity at Burning Man, and you can join in with a this kite that combines flying and fire together into a night-time spectacle.
Fire Staff by Stone
Light both ends of the staff and spin to create your own patterns.
Candle-Powered Hot Air Balloon by ewilhelm
A simple combination of birthday candles, painter's plastic, and balsa wood can turn into a functional hot air balloon.
Homemade Poi by Hydra
Learn to make homemade practice poi that can be used anywhere--and check out other Instructables on how to spin poi and other DIY poi designs.
If you're going to Burning Man this year, we hope this helps and have a fun, safe, and exciting experience!


what exactly is burning man?

Oh, you're missing out! It's only the awesomest thing EVER!!!

Start here and here.

oh, cool, too bad i live too far away. :-(

well it won't be a run'n joke if you weren't carrying scissors. I forgot what number are we on?!?!?!?!?!

omg, how long is this list going to be? 1 year later... me googolplex. lol!

Line Cutter Me First lol ha ha ha

Aren't there several, like one in each area? I live in Utah, is there one there? It looks like an awesome event and I'd love to go!

Aww, I am too far away... (other side of the world).

Drove there from chicago last year, first time there. Can't go this or next year cuz of the timetable for classes, very sad. :( However the year after that I'll be a massage therapist, very popular there. If you go to the hotel, don't forget to raid the minibar. They never check it. lol

How old do you have to be to go to BM?

I would think your parents wouldn't let either of us go at our current age, as there are a few nudists running around, but I have seen a few pictures with whole families there..

Well, my parents wouldn't want me to go no matter how old I was ;-) I was just wondering, say you wanted to go by yourself, how old do you have to be? I'd figure probably 18 or 21 or something like that...

I believe it's 18, probably give out stamps or wrist bands for those who are going to be getting drinks.

what? wrist bands? This is not the default reality! The drinks are free and everyone is a walking piece of art. anyone who walks up to the "Bar" in a camp gets a drink. the median age is probably 30 but If you're young and even slightly in shape there'll be men and women aplenty to befriend. Plus there is are other treats on the playa that are far more interesting than a bottle of warm beer.

It's not like BM sells alcohol. You either bring your own, or get it from other people. But attendees aren't allowed to sell things.

there are no age limits but I think under a certain age you have to be accompanied by an adult. Sometimes people bring their babys but IMO that's a risky idea becuase the environment is pretty harsh.
AS far as wristbands/stamps...there is NO type of that going around...on a given day/night there might 500+ camps openly serving alcohol and they may not serve you if they think you are not of age but they certainly wouldn't "card" you...it's a pretty anarchic culture...in a great way.
(check the pics)

Most likely... I want to go.. :D

yeah, my parents wouldn't let me go if there were a bunch of nude people running around.

I was wanting to go to one of these some time. When reading about it I laughed the way it said that clothes are optional.

I think they're on an "if you have to ask...." rule.

BAH! Let this creep up on me, no way of getting any time off now, oh well, next year I will be prepared.