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Butane Lighter Hand Grenade Answered

I planning to get this book,i mean, it's not like im going to make one, i'm just curious on how the heck it works. What do you think?



Poor idea very poor idea, like lasvagas said, it's dangourous to do this shit. I like playing with a explosives (no I'm not a pyro and I've even been "sternly asked by my vice principal if I like fire"). I do it for the "Bang" of a good cracker. But for christ sakes be careful and stand far back/use fuses/remote detonator. You can never be too careful, even if it seems like too much work.

you're a pyro. the first step is admiting it : )

No,..I'm not. Trust me, there are a lot more "fire inclined" people that do worse than me on this website alone. I have relatives that deal with different explosives in their jobs, and when I play around with things, I mean I stand the hell back. Pyros like to hold things in their hands while lighting it and hence the many "mysterious blow off hand" hospital cases. Like, what if you like blowing old airbags you might get off a car scrapyard? That doesn't make you a pyro because it's compressesed gasses. But it's fun anyways

pyro is ABOUT fun with fire and explosives. just like hunting is about being outside. some are more...enthusiastic...about how close they have to be is all. you're a SMART pyro, a careful pyro, but still a pyro.

Sigh, I have a feeling you're either a cop or a "child youth worker"

nah, just an honest pyro who's watched enough people enjoy flames to know that there is a range of 'pyroness.' enjoy, teach others, spread the fun : ) (looking back, i think we are talking different languages. pyro isn't a contest, it's a description. if that offends you, so what, i've never apreciated politicaly correct language ; ) )

No no, I'm just tired of being asked by people that could get me sent off to places I don't need/want to be, if I like to play with fire or destroy things.

Damn right, Didn't help that my VP has a weird face, not nessasarily ugly, but it get's burned into your face. IF I recall, she asked me about 7 times in total, once or twice each time I got sent out of class. Apparently setting a book on top of a flourecent light in the ceiling can burn the school down >_>. I would understand if the book were soaked in gasoline and dripping all over the place, and someone lit a match in the classroom and for some reason tossed it up there. But I think people are getting a little too "worried" about things eh?

sounds like compleate lack of practical knowledge. if the balast burned out and seriously overheated without shorting... or if it was an incandesant bulb... have you thought of warning her of the dangers of di-hydrogen monoxide? : ) yes, people are being taught to panic at the slightest thing. i bet that bringing a sharp stick to school would get you suspended or arrested, but they require you to have several (pencils) at all times...

Sounds to me like a smart-aleck student that thinks he's better and smarter than his superiors. He would get much further doing his schoolwork rather than hiding textbooks in the ceiling.

there's a good chance that he is. many teachers and administrators (former teachers) are intimidated by smart students. nothing like being showen up in front of a group of little twerps that you have to control, eh? chinese proverb "the nail that sticks up gets pounded down" also "idle hands are the devil's playground"-once you know what the lesson for the day is, and can't move on because the teacher won't, your mind turns to more...interesting...things. who's fault is a boring lesson that you already know?

I agree. And the whole putting a book on top of the fluorescent light (that's the only kind we have at my high school) was actually just to piss the teacher off. This was because she has only been a teacher 3 years and actually told me herself that she is just as good as all the other teachers that have been there for 10/15years or more. She then proceeded to yell at me and wouldn't let me talk. This is where the "don't piss me off" part came in. She found a whole slew of papers and books she had been looking for that "dissapeared" off her desk. Moral of the story is, don't think you know more than me with only 3 years of teaching (one year was only in summer school). The reason I said all that was because it goes along with jtobako's comment. It would be unlikely that the ballast would burst into flames at any given time, but that is a possibility, but really, if it were to be the ballast that failed, the whole room would most likely catch on fire before the paper on top of the light. When they start releasing those "solar" powered lights that use a parabolic dish on the roof to gather light and then uses fiber optic cables to bring the light down into some kind of light fixtures (saw this on tv). I'm sure even then you'd get in shit for putting stuff up there for fear of it spontaneously com busting. I am now DONE with this and that was one of the longest posts I have ever made. Enjoy

she may or may not be-i've had both at many different experience levels. and hiding her stuff was childish. school is not just to teach facts, but behaviors that you need for later in life. if you aren't smart enought to learn how to fake social behavior, you are going to waste a lot of time fixing problems that you caused.

Lol... I'm not childish, now are we done here?

i think it works by taking it apart, blowing some air (O2) into it, and replacing the wick with something that acts as a slow fuse-posibly just a piece of paper. strike the flint, the wick starts burning, (throw the thing away), when the spark or flame hits the butane/air mix it pops and throws plastic shrapnel around a bit.

You're wrong. The booklet simply acts as a guide to use a lighter as an explosive device. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it. A childhood friend of mine lost his face playing games like that.