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Butane Soldering Iron Answered

Hello! Recently my soldering iron broke, and i want to buy a new one! I was thinking of getting a butane with interchangeable tips. Can you suggest an online one thats >$10 and with free shipping? Thanxs!


eric m

9 years ago

saw one at Home Depot for 13 dollars $$. Benzomatic i think.

. Unless you have a specific need for a butane soldering iron (eg, need to solder where there's no electricity), I suggest you go with an electric. Butane irons are hard to regulate and the fuel gets expensive in a hurry.

i would prefer one, since ther is no hassle with wires and i don't want a battery powered one b/c i don't like to buy batteries

. Personal preference is as good a reason as any. ;) . Since I don't normally use butane irons, I've never shopped for them and can't offer any recommendations. :(

The good ones are nice, if there is no power.. Sometimes I use mine at home as well for odd jobs or in tight spots, I bought a Weller, but they are expensive because most decent gas powered soldering irons use a catalyst, fuel reaction, and this involves Platinum, which right now is over $2000 an Oz. So I wouldn't expect to find one for less then $40.. Mine are $69.95 Now you can get some that are basically a metal tip you add to a torch, but like Nacho said they are a pain to regulate and when you point the iron down most will just give you a crazy flames shooting out the sides when it gets liquid fuel.... From the experience I had from the one I used, I personally would buy a dollar store electric iron, and a light dimmer to control the temp, this setup actually works very nice especially for novices who don't want to spend a few hundred bucks, but want a half decent performance....

i alreday built one : ) buoght a dimmer at a friend's garage sale i works, but i need a decent knob scroll to the top to see it

I was thinking about building one, it wouldn't be perfect but regulation I can do, having spent some time tinkering with the valves and regulators involved in such an endeavour...

the bad idea radar is tingling... i have an iroda solderpro electric cordless soldering iron. works great, and was decently priced. im not a big fan of butane irons; my electric cordless one is fine for me. why exactly do you need butane?

iroda solderpro 35 001.jpg

Ya it probably is a bad idea, by the time I buy a new tip, I could by a new cheaper iron so what's the point, plus bics aren't refillable either ...

If you want to build a gas one the design is simple, a vaporizer, a regulator, a small get, just rip apart a bic lighter and you'll have most of the parts you need right there... Then you need a catalyst to burn the fuel with and the easiest way to do this is buy a TIP, but that is where the money is, and it's just a hollow cavity with a screen over the exhaust ports and there is a little wad of very very very fine platinum wire inside the screen. If you want some cheap platinum ((( Yes this is normally well below market values ))) goto garage sales and look for old catalyst heaters, a common one is a Coleman 3000 BTU and is Coleman red, But this is your warning.... They contain ASBESTOS so treat them with care and follow all safe ASBESTOS handling procedures set out by your government in your area, IT WILL CASE CANCER and other horrible illnesses or death ...... I wet mine with mineral oil to control any dust and used a needle nose to pull little balls of the wire out, I did this to reuse my tips on my Iron, I'm guessing the lead poisoned the catalyst but for some reason they don't last as long as I'd like..... But I'm sure you could build one if you want .... now you got me thinking about it, I like the use a bic lighter idea ... hummmmm a lighter some silicone tubing a few small fittings ... hummmm

I have a Benzo-matic butane soildering iron and it works well for its purpose. I would use it for prolonged periods though... The other thing to consider is if you do tend to run it at length or even through damage, you will soon be paying extra for the specific tips. I am not aware of any around $10, I bought mine for $39.95 AU from a department store. Anything of lesser quaility would be little to no use to you. I generally use mine for the blowtorch function with heat shrinking extra. It's good for fine work or where it is a tight fit. But in general if I need to soilder I got straight to the good ole' fashion corded option. That doesn't really help, yet just my experience. :)

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