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Butler Robot Improvements Answered

OK so I am planning to make an even better version of my butler robot

The question is as follows : do I make it a two wheeled self balancing robot chassis or a six legged spider robot chassis . Which one would you guys prefer .

And of course I'll post a detailed instructable on the new butler robot.. :)

A side note : Please vote for my butler robot in the contest , because I really want that RoboPhilo walking kit !
I can use that walking robot to experiment and after I understand the concepts behind it I can build my own biped robot ( think giant mech ;) ) I document all my robotics work and I'll be sure to post an instructable on how to build your own mech robot . Btw , expect more instructables from me later this month. I wrote a lot of tutorials on other robotics sites , and now I'm gonna transfer it to here.



looks like its a "segway" style robot eric :)

make it two wheeled self balancing. since its walking would be faster. and (well not important) but more power efficient and it will cost less in both money and time. :D

for actuall functionallity, segway robot, but for pure awesomeness, spider style robot

I would suggest a self-balancing robot.

i would suggest that a two whell self balancing robot chassi is way beter ..


10 years ago

In my opinion a two-wheeled self balancing 'bot would be better. segway style =)