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Butter made with skim milk ??? Is this even possible ?? Answered




9 years ago

Not really. Butter is fat, as lemonie says - if you're trying to find a lower-fat butter substitute skim milk isn't going to do it (you'd have to separate the tiny remaining amount of cream remaining for use in butter, which defeats your purpose).

Instead, try substituting different fats like olive oil for cooking, toast, etc. Alternatively, just buy or make really good butter and use less of it.

Well, there's a butter-like product out there that's made with skim milk but I've forgotten the brand name. It's been thickened with a non-digestable oil or something and flavored to be more like butter. Basically "I can't believe it's not butter" but even weirder. Sorry I can't explain that better, it's been ages since I've thought about it. Yes, you CAN make real butter with skim milk, provided you have enough of it and you have a method to remove whatever fat happens to be left in it... I've done it more or less by accident while messing around in the kitchen, but I got maybe a spoonful of butter out of 4 gallons of milk.

Added note, if you want to make butter yourself... get a container of fresh real whipping cream. Not the sweetened stuff, not the stuff in the spraycan, REAL whipping cream. Put it in your mixing bowl and whip it until it turns to butter. Add salt to taste if desired. Dead simple.

Butter is mostly milk fat, if someone has skimmed the milk you've not got much left to make butter with. (probably not) L