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Buy a Galileoscope! *Update* It's HERE! Answered

I wish I'd posted this a while ago, but I think I was remembering a post in some other forum as being on here. I'm not selling these or making money, I just think it's cool.

2009 is the International Astronomical Union's International Year of Astronomy, in recognition of both Galileo's first recorded astronomical observations and Kepler's publishing Astronomia Nova. As a part of this whole thing, the Galileoscope was created.

Although most astronomers/telescope enthusiasts discourage buying telescopes of this size, because they are usually crap, and just discourage you with lousy views, this one was designed by professional astronomers. While it is largely plastic to keep costs down, the lenses are high-quality glass achromatic doublet lenses, which are usually found in much more expensive 'scopes. The other cool part about this project is that you can anonymously donate a telescope, and it will be sent to someone who can use it, whether it's a homeschooling family in Iowa or a schoolhouse in southeast Asia.

Oh, and the best part: the telescope is $15. You really can't beat that price, and shipping is only $8.95 in the US. If you donate one, it's $12.50 with no shipping charges. I bought one, even though I have a larger telescope, as a more portable one for quick peeks at planets and to take on trips.

Buy one! Or two! And donate some! They're cheap!

Update 30 Aug 09: due to increased manufacturing costs since they started production, the price has been raised to $20 plus shipping to buy one, and $15 with no shipping to donate one. Still a heck of a deal, though.

Second Update 2 September 09: ZOMG IT'S HERE! I should have just ordered the thing when I first heard about it. I was order #22,670, and the first 20,000 were shipped in mid-June. I have it, though, and I'll be posting an Instructable with assembly instructions as soon as I get around to it, and pictures taken through it once this stupid overcast blows over.


>update bump

>Bump< for pictures taken through telescope :)

I NEEDZ TIEM!!! It's been overcast practically all week...I'm getting annoyed.

Bumped, I want to see pictures as well.

Yeah, and about the time I finished all of my high-homework classes, it got cloudy. We've hardly seen sun for over a month, and I think there's been two clear nights.

So shut up.

*Sigh* This will have to wait til next month....I have already used this month's budget amount I am allowed for supplies and toys :-)

It's not a toy, it's a precision scientific instrument! You need one to make sure the earth is safe from alien invasion!

It actually is surprisingly precise, I was surprised at the quality of the optical components, and the image quality is incredible for a telescope this size.

My wife calls ALL my tools, and instruments....toys :-)

Be romantic about it, then. "All the better to see you with, my dear..."

She is overweight, like I am, and would probably take that the wrong way ;-)

I gotta get one! I have a great view out my new bedroom window :D

It makes a pretty good terrestrial spotting scope, just remember that the view is inverted.

Haha... HOLY CRAP THE GIRL NEXT DOOR CAN WALK UPSIDE DOWN!!!! Oh wait err thats right, reversed image :D

Do I need to come over there with my ego-stomping boots? >fastens cleats

He's watching you, he'll probably see you coming and be ready.

Oh boy. I'm gonna get one.

Outstanding, and thank you for posting this! Rated and featured (something I rarely do with forum topics).

VERY nice !


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