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Buy complete Throwies Answered

I recently found a (german) internet shop where you can buy complete throwies:

Click me, I'm the link!

One pack costs 14,50 Euro and contains 50 Throwies. Nice thing.


I made a bunch out of cheap Ikea magnets (5 cents each), two button cells (about 10 cents) out of discount button cell blister and a low current led (8 cents) and a diode ( 5 cent). Not too expensive for local stores, and after I week I picked them up again. All where still glowing (just a bit weaker). Of course thats nothing like the super bright LEDs, but it was fun anyway to decorate the city. All but two where found. I am certain someone either threw it away or collected the magnet.

Just an idea for a quicker way to make a throwie that I'd assume turns out to be slightly less polluting... Use 2 magnets: }|[]|} The } are the magnets, and the | are the led leads. [] is the battery. Then just plastidip it.

Babel says it says:

LED Throwies consist of an LED, a button cell (battery) and a round magnet. These shining bodies stick, if they are thrown, to metal and shine up to three weeks. This new kind of the Graffity was invented 2005 by graffityresearchlab.com in New York town center and enjoys of increasing popularity. With the LED Throwies a Streetart developed those not only stylisch looks but also contrary to usual Graffity again from buildings to be removed can. LED Throwies were so far with one? per Throwie too expensively as the idea would far-laminar have interspersed itself. With www.ozhobbies.eu you can order LED Throwies for 25cent per piece for the first time now.


LED Throwies S a package LED Throwies S contains 50 pieces. An individual LED Throwie consists of the following components: 1 LED 1 lithium round battery 1 Disc magnet Product detail... {Euro symbol}14,50 (inclusive 19 % VAT.)

I'd imagine a lot are "acquired" by passing members of the public - even if the batteries are dead, you've just picked up a magnet and an LED for free.