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Buying LED's from Hong Kong Answered

Hi. I read an instructable about making an LED project and the poster gave a source of LED's as ledshoppe. com.  It is based in Hong Kong.  According to the site, the shipping is free.   Has anyone ever dealt with this company, and if so, did you have good or bad results? I want to order some LED's but I have heard bad things about overseas suppliers.    Also, most of the LED's listed have a viewing angle of +/- 10 degrees.   Would  this work for making, say, a small LED lantern?  I know the last part is a tech question and shouldn't be in resources, but I figure if anyone knows about buying LED's then they will probably know the answer to the last part of the question.  lol




8 years ago

I don't know about that site in particular, but  I always buy my LEDs off of ebay for dirt cheap from some place in hong kong.  LEDs like those would work if you have a bunch of them and somehow diffuse them or something.  Otherwise it's more like a flashlight.  Also, if you are building a lantern, go for the brightest leds you can find.  On ebay, some white ones are several hundred thousand mcd!


Reply 8 years ago

I typed lantern,but I meant more like a nightlight type thing, or perhaps a christmas ornament lit from inside.  I think I'm going to go to radio shack and buy a few (yes, i know they are marked up bigtime lol) just to experiment and see what type I need before I order them online. 

Thanks for the reply.