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Buying Pro Membership Answered

Whenever I try to upgrade my account to a pro membership, it simply says that the transaction cannot be completed.  No explanation.  I'm wondering what i'm doing wrong and what I should do.


OOOPS!! Yesterday I posted that StumpChunkman gifted me a 3 month PRO to get by,the truth is that it was Funguamungus. I would like to return that "pronto",but I don't know how to. However StumpChunkman made me an offer, for my troubles, of 2 yrs for the price of one. Problem is ,where did my first payment go? I already sent it a month ago. I don't want the 2 for1,you have been gratious enough, but I'm wondering who is the "coach" here. When you "huddle" get the "plays" right.

Well gues what , here it is almost a month later, after payment, and Istill do not have my PRO icon. A very well educated PRO told me I should have gotten it right after"robot" received my "dinero". Am I missing something here?

Did you do what we suggested, namely e-mail the Customer Service address shown at the bottom of every page? Those e-mails are generally answered the same business day (and since you posted this at 8:00 pm on Friday, that would be next Monday).

Yes, yes I did... I sent them the Email some time before and waited patiently but "nada". So I sent that SOS . I have no prob waiting till Monday, after all I'm retired and have the rest of my life to get that icon!!! I realy apreciate your help. Maybe YOU should be in charge of that "robot". No offense to the overloaded staff!!

Sorry for the frustration. I don't know what the issue is, but I gave you a 3-month pro account to hold you over for now. Someone should be able to figure out what happened on Monday.


6 years ago

Yah, I was able to set up a paypal account and just use that. I never did figure out why it wasn't working with my credit card.

You seem to have set up a subscription. Please email service@instructables.com if you have any more troubles.

I would love to be a pro, but the only way for me to pay is with a U. S. postal money order. Can you help me with this?