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Buying a new macbook next week, shall i get the Macbook 13" or the Macbook Pro 13"? Answered

Hello guys!

So i'm buying a new macbook coming next week (next week just in case apple wants to upgrade the core to an i5, in the pro, or add an anti-glare or hi-res upgrade...they've upgraded before mid-cycle, and i dont mind waiting till monday :) ). just so you know my background: i'll be entering the physics carreer later this year at the university. 

I'm torn between buying a white macbook, or a macbook pro 13". Money is not a problem, but the most i can get is the macbook pro with a 500GB hdd, 2,4GHz, 4GB RAM. Should i get the cheaper or the pro? i mean, seeing how they're so much alike, same core 2 duo, same graphics card, is shelling out the extra cash worth it?

Thanks for your help :)



Best Answer 8 years ago

What will the pro do that you need doing enough that you are willing to spend the extra money for it.  You need to learn now to justify your spending habits. 

Don't buy it just for status.  As a student you're going to have lots more stuff to buy and it would be nice to have a little pocket money at all times.

So, if it will really do something that the other one will do the by all means get it.

Doing 1 mil. calculations in .1 second instead of .105 seconds is not a valid excuse.

To be honest, i was going towards the mbp, I heard the display quality's better, and that SD card slot will become an extra 32 GB slot (my dad gets 32GB SDs from visitors all the time) Plus, i'd like to be able to upgrade the RAM midway through my career, and the white one's top ram is 4gb. by the way, is the 2.66 GHz with 320 GB, a worthy upgrade over 2.4 GHz with 500GB? thanks for your help ^-^

sounds like you've thought it out and you're not just picking the pro cause it's "pretty".

thanks for the answer! writing my reasons out helped me think more into it :) best answer!