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How can I use an iPad touchscreen replacement for my homemade tablet pc ? Answered

How about buying only the iPad-Touchscreen for use on a home made tablet-pc ?
Wouldn't it be possible to buy just the glass with the multitouch sensor technology
(as if you had an iPad with a broken front glass and wanted to replace it) and use it on a non apple product ??!!!
Wouldn't it be cool to build your own "iPad" but with many features the real one does not have ?
Thank you for your answers !


Well you'd need the whole electronics-bits, do you think you can get them?


if you mean by "electronics-bits" the part of the screen that registers your fingers (as on the photo) I am sure you could get over the internet. i mean as an replacement for those who broke their ipad front glass. i know that it was possible for iphone and ipod touch to get that part for 30 $ or something like that over the internet....

I meant the whole PC-bit and the video-controller, power supply etc. (home made tablet-pc )


You can buy such beasties for notebooks anyway already.

Well go on and help the guy out - best answer for the taking.


Lots of people offer what you want.