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CAMPING WITH COMFORT using a peltier teg cell Answered

It seems to me that a fridge using a peltier thermo generator would be perfectly coupled to a water heater and add considerably to camping comforts. I want to do this and have three 100W units but good advice is well worth having to start with. Has anyone done it yet and what sort of volumes /temperatures can be expected?



I think you are suggesting using the COLD side of the peltier junction to COOL your tent... and the HOT side to make hot water? That might work, but you would need a SPARE battery in your car to run the operation. It might work, but might be a better idea to use one of those ICE CHESTS with a little fan on it to cool your tent. The tiny fan would likely not drain your battery. I think your idea would work as long as you are willing to lug another battery. Not sure about how many peltiers you would need to accomplish the cooling though.

Where will you get the power to run them from /


Peltier units are not very efficient, they're useful for some applications, but not best for this.
Water has a high heat capacity - 300W is not very much, and peltier devices are not designed for heating things - they need to be cooled to function properly.