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CAN I USE BARB WIRE for RADIO DOG FENCE ABOVE GROUND ? With GUARDIAN PG-250 Pet containment system. Answered

I am trying to get some Information on radio dog fence. Can I use an existing barb wire fence as the dog fence antenna wire ? (above ground) Can I use a combination of above ground heavy gauge #12 barb wire and the manufacturer supplied #20 underground wire ? Have 5 acres total, currently 2 acres is fenced with barb wire for horses. So I would like to use the existing fence by connecting it to the Guardian underground system and also use the underground system to enclose an additional 2 acres for the dog. Have a new dog that has not yet been trained with the underground system.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Why not just train your dogs to stay in the yard :P anyhoo - try it - hook up the wire to the fence. Make sure you hook up to a length where it's only connected to one strand of barbed wire. Other consideration - its designed to be buried - and the dog's collar is looking 'down' for the wire - so it may have some trouble picking up signal above the dogs head. Test by strapping the collar to your neck, and crawling around near the fence.

...Or just, you know, holding the collar...

I was making a satire of cruelty to animals - hence try on himself :D

I thought I had my last dog trained to stay in the yard. Then one day I found her all busted up. Apparently had been hit on the road - had to put her down. So hopefully this system will keep the new dog in the yard.

I intend to try everything you suggested. Except I asked my wife to wear the collar, her response was not positive. Additionally, today I strung out the manufacture supplied "underground wire" and found that if you raise the wire off the ground closer to the height of the dogs neck that the signal stronger, testing with a neon light shorted across the posts on the collar. So I tend to think that distance is more important than direction - but I'm just a beginner.

I have worked with dog fence for 15 years,Barb wire could work how much how much of the other 3 acres are you going to include in the containment area?

I finally decided to run an insulated #16 wire on the existing barb wire fence and also ran an additional 2 acres of wire just laying on the lawn, except burried the portion crossing the driveway. Works perfectly at any elevation, its all reletave to the distance to the collar. Never did try connecting to the barb wire, but I'm sure it would work. "if good connection can be maintanied" Note: I fully support this system, dog learned her boundries first day. After the first week i removed the collar and she would not go near the boundies. Now I leave the collar off her for months at a time, if I notice her roaming closer to the boundries then I put the collar back on for a few days. She stays in the boundries.