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hello. recently i was having problem with my pc and someone offer to help. i was asked to download bitvise tunnelier so ther can remotely have access to my pc wish i did, although i had to give them a password and login to get entry BUT I WAS WONDERING IF THEY COULD STILL ACESS MY PC WITHOUT MY KNOWLEGDE?


If you don't trust that person, change the username and password...

Or just remove it.... that's always a good idea! ;)


6 years ago

I am not certain about that particular program but if you gave them remote access before and they kept the settings and passwords then they probably could get back in. Remote login software can often give someone total control of your computer. Sometimes you can see what is happening but sometimes not and it can be done when you are AFK. Best thing to do is uninstall the program and then change your password. There are very few people who I would trust completly enough to give them total access to my machines. We just had a question a short time ago about a guy who's former girlfriend was accessing his Mac and actually locked him out.

Some people like doing pranks and while some can be innocent they can cause problems. There was one incident I remember of a kid bringing a wireless mouse and secretly plugging it into the back of another PC. The PC owner totally freaked out when his mouse started going all over by itself. It almost caused him to format his machine until the prankster confessed.
Treat your computer like your house and lock the doors and if you don't trust a repairman change the locks after he is gone.

Hello sorry to bother you was trying to change the password but could not. Can you please put me through. Cheers!

In Windows based systems you go to the control panel and click on the users icon. From there you click on your account and there is an option to change the password.

Thanks alot i think it makes real sense to change the locks....Cheers mate!