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Hi i paid for pro, i tried 2 computers, it wont let me download anything.. 
I only paid the pro for a certain model and it says it's temp unavaliable can some admin please check up
i paid to get the 7ft gundam


Thanks for letting us know. We're having difficulties with some
PDF's right now. It's going to take a few days to figure this weird bug
out, then fix. Check back again on this project in about a week.You may
notice this happening to a few other projects, but many other
Instructables will still work in PDF form.

Please refer to this Forum topic for updates:


We are able to access some PDFs and not others for some reason right now. We are reporting the issue to be looked at. For now, you can email service@instructables and we will email to you PDF's we are able to download while we get the issue settled.

Thank you for the suggestion, what I did I just copy the instructables and paste it to the microsoft word. I thinks it's ok for me now.

Same here I cannot download the pdf. I am a PRO member too. Sometimes I can download many times are not it only says HTTP/1.1 503 illegal response status. What's wrong with this? I paid this membership.

hi i'll just like to confirm i deleted all my cookies on my chrome and safari account, still same problem.. can you please send me the file via email, i asked but no one has replied.. thanks

i also just tried on my iphone still same problem, i dont understand why it works for you but not for me., i also used my 3g internet instead of my wifi, same problem

can you please send me the gundam 7ft file via email, i have sent a email and no still noreply.


I'm sorry for the trouble. I am able to download it in Chrome using a Mac without any issues.

Some things that tend to work when people have issues with the site are: disabling any script blocking add-ons to your browser, like Ad-Block, GreaseMonkey, or LastPass, making sure you have cookies enabled for your browser, clearing your browser's cache.

If those things don't work for you, please email service@instructables.com with the project title in the subject line and we will send you the PDF for now until we are able to figure out the issue.

Community Support Manager

anyway to create me a temporary account that i can use with pro membership just to see if it's the account which is stopping me for downloading?

I logged into your account and was able to download PDFs with no problem using a Mac computer and a Google Chrome browser. Did you get a chance to clear your cache and cookies and see if that helped?

i have emailed the email address you sent me.. can you please respond to it and can you please sort this problem out, it's so frustrating when i pay for something and my account dont work.. can you do a test on my account and see if it works? i'm running out of ideas i have tried everything.. it sounds like it's account related, i tried on 3 computers, tried on mac and windows.. i tried all browsers that exist.. same problem. it's deffinately a account issue