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i can not publish my instructable! it sais it is published but it does not come up if you search it and i can not add it toi any groups! please help!!!


Sometimes some of the antiscipt programs (i.e no script) in my browser will interfere with the way Instructables.com works. I usually go to google to do a search and add the term instructables to search for what I want on instructables.com..


Reply 5 years ago

I see your project, so it's published, but I still don't see it on your page...

I'm confused, let me have a quick word with somebody.

Thanks. I don't get it either. I might be doing something wrong. There are precious few instructions (troubleshooting ones).

It's either a filter issue or a bug, I'm just waiting for a reply from HQ (in case you didn't know, I'm in the UK, but HQ is in San Francisco).

I didn't. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. This info can save lives, and would have saved my cat from drowning had I known about it. If you're sick of this, I can contact them myself. :-)

Well, I'll be darned. It's up! Whatever you did, thank you. Hope to pass the favor on when I learn enough about this to do it.

After you hit the publish button, does your instructable remain a draft until it is actually published? I'm a newbie. Sorry for the amateur question.

Your project is now published, you should see it on your profile now and in the recent feed shortly.

Reading your conversation with Kiteman, it sounds like you may need to clear your browser cache so that the page gets new information when it loads. Also, do you have any browser add-ons like AdBlock or GreaseMonkey running?

Once you hit publish, it becomes public for all to see.

If it's not finished, just hit save and navigate away.

I did hit publish, but it still says "draft," so I'm wondering if it will say draft until it becomes public.

No, publishing is instant.

Does the project have a random bunch of letters in the address, or actual words?

You know what? I just went opened the published link in IE. I think my cookies in Firefox (haven't closed it since publishing) are preventing it from showing published. Once I got into IE (and didn't sign in to Instructables), there it was. Thanks so much for the replies. I appreciate your help.

Any time, but... I don't see it on your page?

OMG! Can you click this link and tell me what you see? One other thing: After I hit publish and pick all the categories, etc., it takes me back to the publish page with all of my selections GONE!


I am having that problem to, three of my instructables was never published... :(

Certain keywords cause an instructable to be quarantined until hand vetted, just be patient, it is the weekend.

Agreed. I just looked, and the keywords are almost certainly the issue. You may also want to spend the waiting time brushing up the spelling and grammar before it sees the full light of day.

Give it a few days to publish. Especially on a weekend or holiday. The instructable may have been held because the publishing process filters out certain keywords and needs to be reviewed by the staff before it gets published. If it still doesn't show up by midweek, PM the staff to check on it. Don't worry, I've had to wait on a few ibles of mine to be released to the wild.

it is the pistol crossbow on e. the other one published but the pistol crossbow one did not

i see two instructables under your name is either of those it? Whats it called?