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CCTV Camera & DVR supply Answered

^ _ ^ hello friend,

I am cindy,  We are the CCTV DVR & camera manufacturer in China.  Our website, www.an-tone.com.cn.

I really hope to find some body who are interested in our goods, if you need more information about our company, pls feel free to contact with me by e-mail. cindy@an-tone.com.cn . My MSN:cindyliu172217267@163.com & Skype: cindyliu20100618



Bad Maxx

8 years ago

This is more akin to SPAM, I have come across this "ad" in several different Forums including RC Car Racing, Science and Space forum, and a photography forum. This is not the intention of this web site's For Sale section.


8 years ago

I believe (if I am not mistaken) that the idea of the market place here is for members of Instructables to sell or pass on items they have that may be useful to someone else.

I assume that may also include items one has made themselves (as Instructables), etc.

Using the forum as "free advertisement" is probably NOT the purpose of intended.

Your site appears to be a commercial site.....