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CD Player spinning device Answered

I recently found an old AA powered Portable CD player. Upon dismantling it, I found 6 wires, since which I have tested and discovered their function. My question to you all is, would there be any danger to hooking up a larger battery to the two wires that spin the CD? I tried briefly using a 9 Volt, and the results were simply amazing. I have a hack or two that I could really use this for, and I wanted the opinions of people here to see if there was any danger to doing this.



7 years ago

Two dangers, one small and one large.

Small danger- you overheat the motor and burn it out. End result- no more motor.

Large danger- if you spin CDs fast enough the stress at the edges can cause them to crack and essentially explode into sharp pieces of plastic.  There's everything you could want to know about this phenomenon on Powerlabs :)

So check your motor isn't overheating, and wear eye protection!

well, if you are still doing this, there shouldn't be too much danger if the cd is secured well enough. for some reason i think you are thinking of a saw with this?