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CD to LP Help! Answered

I have a CD of mine that I really would like converted back to vinyl is this possible at all?
The only thing that I could find is LP to CD conversion such as this site here

Anyone know anything about this?

And the CD is Buckethead : Enter The Chicken : P



9 years ago

You can't find it as an LP? That would probably be easier and cheaper, assuming an LP ever existed in the first place.

Many, many years ago, there used to be booths that let somebody record one disc at a time, and I believe some recording studios would record stuff direct to vinyl as demo-discs or vanity pressings. If one of those still existed somewhere...?

vanity pressings.

Believe it or not, one of those placesfor a fee took a poem I wrote YEARS ago, and put it to music and someone sang it kind of anyways and put it on a 45 (which I lost, but I think I have the tape I made of it somewhere). What really stews my tomatoes is that a few years ago, a few of the verses from that song were heard on the radio (because I had not copyrighted it or anything) in a song that used different music. I don't know if any of those places still exist....that was about 30 years ago

You do you that you had copyrighted it, don't you?

Simply by writing down an original piece, it automatically becomes your copyright. Copyright expires some 70 years after the piece is created, so you have every legal right to take whoever stole your lyrics to court for compensation.

Of course, if you can find the original 45, even the tape, that will be a lot easier to prove.

I did see the tape somewhere not too long ago....I wonder if I can find something to play it on to see if it is still understandable.

can you get any blank LP-R or LP-RW those days ????