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CFL Recycling at Home Depot Answered

CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) are becoming increasingly popular: right from the article linked to below, "compact fluorescents use up to 75 percent less energy, last longer and cost less over time than incandescent bulbs." Plus, they come in a fun, curly-q shape.

However, they contain trace amounts of mercury, which makes recycling of them difficult--until now. Home Depot (which, to my surprise, is the second-largest retail company in the United States behind Wal-Mart) is offering comprehensive recycling for CFLs: any brand, at any of the nearly 2,000 Home Depot locations.

Read the article from the New York Times here


CFL's are a lie. CFLs do NOT produce the light output claimed. CFLs do NOT last longer than the incandescent lamps they replace. CFLs do NOT save money over their life because they don't last long but they DO cost more. Some CFLs are slow to warm up and are dim when initially turned on. As this article points out, they contain mercury which leads to a disposal problem.

CFL's are lie, like Borat said "NOT" CFL's do produce the lumen claims (( They even meet there CRI claims )) CFL's last longer, unless your comparing it to the 100 YEAR bulb, but my Philips Earth Light SLS-17/27 was made in May 1992 and it still works and it is used almost every day... CFL's payback in now under three months if the bulb is on 24 hours a day, and under a year in household applications.. Yep some are slow to warm up, but lots of new ones aren't ... And the mercury, they do contain some, but the power plant generating power will output more mercury into the environment while generating power for your other light bulb then a CFL contains, and mercury output by a power plant is not recycled like CFL's mercury can be....

Those light bulbs stink, they keep wearing out and we keep having to return them under warranty. Kudos to Home Depot though!

Perhaps it is your wiring? A small short will fry a CFL in record time. I have cfl bulbs that are coming up on their 8th b-days....but we had a porch light fixture with a short that would burn through one every 3 or so months. Also, they tend to burn out more quickly if they are turned off and on a lot.

Well, that's possible, but everyone I talk to has had the same experience...and we do work them a lot.

Philps honors there warranties even years later, I just call them and they take care if it every time.. And thats strange I'm in a rural setting and the old bulbs would brown out all the time and the voltage was always in the high 130 volt area, and the UPS is constantly warning me about the line voltage still, and I went with Globe. Philip's and GE CFL's and I have some old CFL's still with magnetic ballasts (( it's a phiips SLS-17 and it's over 15 years old )) and the only bulb I have changed this year was one the kids broke.... And they get left on, and flashed on and off, in fact some are really abused, some are even inside enclosed fixtures which is not good for them. But I did find the ones that went outside didn't last so I went Metal Halide and H.P.S. and those are now all over 5 years old, the CFL's also didn't like to start in winter but neither did the car or me....

I suggest trying there 13 watt daylight ones from Philip's, I know they cost more $18 for 8 up here, but they make colors come to life, they are nice to read under, and they turn on faster I find...

Buy a different brand. I used to have them burn out early, but lately they've been doing much better (recent purchase from Ikea and Costco, so "more expensive" isn't necessarily needed...) Also, CFLs seem to have heat problems in fixtures that put them "base up."

It's wierd though, they're perfect for our old house, which burned incandescents and transformers in half the fittings, 100 years old and electricals were never changes since installation, CFL's such as daylight bulb ones seem completely insensitive to this problem, however at a guess I'd say it's a dirty AC wave that ruins them, now that's just a theory...

Yeah, we've tried different brands, from sam's, costco, walmart, lowes, etc.

They even collect them in Canada, and they also sell philip's CFL's which have some of the lowest mercury contents.... And Home depot is even starting to sell 1 watt and 3/4 watt LED lighting, with no Mercury, for under $10 CDN in Cool White, warm white, red, blue, green and a color changing bulb as well.... (( great for kids rooms as night lights and they can even go outside so long as you keep the base pointing up ..))

Props to Home Depot! There have been countless debates over this issue of the mercury inside of the CFLs and the proper way to recycle them. In my opinion, Home Depot will experience a jump in CFL sales because they could win over some of the skeptics.