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CNC Miller as a laser cutter Answered

I have a theory that I would think should work, but opinions are good. If I was to get a powerful laser diode, like 300mw, and machine out a holding device for it to go into a CNC millers collet, then wired it up to a power supply, and put it in a CNC machine.... Would I have a half ass laser etcher? I would have to manually turn the laser on or off, and the feed would have to be really slow, but would I be at least able to engrave stuff?


like wood or melt plastic or (maybe, but I doubt it) allumnium

it could work. though id use a dremel if i could. much simpler. check out my ible for more on dremel etching.

instructable etching 019.jpg

yup. im working on part 2 of the article now, actually.

that would defeat the purpose though, I could just put a etching cutter in the machine and have it do that. Laser is so much cooler. and phone friendly.

pop the cover off the phone, etch it, and put it back on. instant friendship.


10 years ago

CNC's are used to make PCBs and all types of etching. But if you only want to utilize a laser diode, then why not use a flatbed plotter? You can find those used, on the cheap.

but I already have access to a CNC miller.

Ah. Lucky you.