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CNC controller, need your opinion Answered

Hello all. I am looking for a cheap cnc controller, and came across this on ebay. It comes from china, but it looks like it is a good controller. Now before you suggest I look on Instructables, let me tell you I already have. I've also built a cnc controller from an instructable with no luck, which is why I'm going to buy one now. So do you think this is a good deal? Do you think it is not a piece of junk? Please let me know, I don't wan't to spend $188.09 on something that won't work. Your input would be appreciated. Thanks.


I do believe it will be nigh impossible to give a valid opinion of whether it will be useful, working or just a paperweight, just from a picture.

Have you looked at the ebay page I linked? It comes with three nema 23 (so it says) steppers too. But yeah, If I could see the labels on the ICs, I could examine the circuit. There appears to be a lot of opto-isolators in there though.

Sorry, missed the link (color blindness doesn't help me when they are small like that :-) You DO get some protection, if you pay by PayPal, and I think eBay offers additional protection too at a price, if it is not "as described" Just be careful that the wording of the description is not misleading.

Please let me know if this worked. I am interested in the same one if it has good value. Sorry about the color blindness, I have the same with greens.

Well, it's got a cool blue circuit board, and a pair of awesome aluminum heat sinks (with a fan in between them!).  That row of diodes looks impressive, as do all the careful purple labels (with almost everything speelled correctly).

So I think you've got yourself a winner!