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CO2 canister discharge for arm mounted gun? Answered

I'm looking to modify a simple airsoft gun for the purposes of making the needed weapon props for a assassins creed costume a friend of mine is working on.
With that said, the arm cannon/crossbow thing (sorry, I sadly never played the game!) is one I'm playing with now, and I got to thinking about taking a simple CO2 powered airsoft gun, and modding the barrel to take softer projectiles, and to be mounted to someones wrist.
The question being: would the discharge from a CO2 cartridge harm someones hand? There will be leather between gun and wrist, by the way.


If you're mod'ing an Airsoft pistol, the escaping gas from the muzzle won't do you any harm. Just make sure you insulate the cylinder to stop it freezing anything it comes into contact with!


5 years ago


Solenoid Valve.gif

Excuse my ignorance...but what is that?

That is a gas discharge valve actuated by a low voltage solenoid. If you go to the link, I poorly provided, there are hundreds to choose from. They may not be cheap but it may be what you need. There are some made in plastic but you will have to look into the specs. Good luck and don't shoot your eye out ;)

If it discharge more than the normal amount there would be a danger of extreme frostbite. Anything you build should protect from that.

Ah, yes. I was more concerned about force, I had forgotten about the actually temperature!
The plan is to build it on a leather cuff: do you thing that would be enough? Of course, there would be a frame to it as well. So basically, it would be like firing the gun off on your wrist while wearing a leather cuff.