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CO2 cartridge + arduino ( need your help) Answered

Hi "instructors"

i want to build an arduino based project to release co2 cartridge when a sensor sends a certian value (i.e. light sensor)

is there any adapter that fits on the cartridge and connects to an arduino ?

tried looking online but could not find any.



16 days ago

Think of a paint gun and add a solenoid :-)).

Jack A Lopez

16 days ago

Often this, what you call, "CO2 cartridge"...Wikipedia calls it, "Powerlet", here:


Often it is twisted into place, and it has some threads on its top end to facilitate this.

Some of the kind with threads are pictured on this page,


comparing CO2 powered, bicycle tire inflators.

I am guessing for either kind of cartridge, with threads or without, the act of breaking its seal, will require some torqueful, twisting motion, like the motion applied to a screwdriver.

To get Arduino to do that; i.e. make twisty screwy motion, will require a motor and a gear train, much like found in a cordless drill.

Sorry if that seems too complicated, but I do not think anyone, at the time of this writing, makes a CO2 cartridge valve activated by a simple logic level signal, like 5 volts at a few mA; e.g. like the signal needed to light a single LED.

I have also seen fragrance dispensing gizmos, which use a tiny motor plus gear train, to periodically push the button on a aerosol can. These button pushers are cheap, and easy to find (in my neighborhood), but I do not know if they have sufficient force to break metal seal on the end of one of your CO2 cartridges, like just by pushing something sharp and pointy into this seal.

By the way, I recommend wearing safety glasses while testing these things out. This seems like the kind of project with significant potential for explosions and dangerous flying pieces of stuff.

One example of fragrance dispensing gizmo:

There are actually a few different brands to choose from; ie. different brands of aerosol can button pushing gizmos.


17 days ago

Nope as you would need not only the adaptor to hold the thing but also an electrically controlled valve capable of these pressures.