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Please tell me how to publish a collection.


I've tried to save 2 things to a collection, I followed the prompts and gave it a name. When I look under "You" , I have zero collections. I did 'favorite' them and can go back to them that way. Why can't I make a collection?

Your question has come up on my screen. Although I am probably not the one best qualified to answer, I will suggest one possible reason:
There is a basic difference between a draft collection and a published collection. Is it possible that your saved items are in your draft area as you have not yet published your collection?
Making it a favourite is not a part of the collection process.

Personally I do use the draft collection facility to gather together inspiration and reference 'ibles. I may one day publish a curated collection but so far that has not been my plan.

I hope this helps but if you are still unable to find the items that you added to a draft collection then you will be better served by asking in one of the forums.

When you see a project you want to be part of a collection, hit the "add to collection" button, and work from there.

You don't have enough Instructables with similar content to combine.
Once you do (5+) you can create a collection from it.
But you are right the options for it are no longer that easy to find since the changes...

You are not limited to your own instructables when creating a collection.

A collection of what?

More details is better than none.