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COMPUTERS: How do you automatically reduce process on a pc? Answered

COMPUTERS: I am trying to automatically reduce processes on my computer, I can't remember how to. Do not want to do them automatically, I have 103 process running and fear a pc crash, I run windows Vista /pc. Thanks to anyone that can help~!!!?


. First thing to do is uninstall all unnecessary apps. . Then follow NIP's and frollard's suggestions. There are quite a few Services that can be turned off in Windows XP/Vista - Google is your friend. . 103 processes running is rather high, but not what I would call abnormal. I try to keep mine in the 30-50 range; currently at 39.

Process Explorer is a good way to see exactly what is running and where it came from. But as frollard said, you need to understand what you are doing before turning anything off. If you need specific advice on what must stay and what can go, run an analysis program like HijackThis and submit the report to a suitable crowd of geeks.

If you do not succeed in cleaning everything to your satisfaction, the extreme solution would be to wipe your hard drive clean and reinstall Windows (assuming your computer came with a installation disk.)

There are a lot of background applications running on computers. 100+ is excessive!

In xp (might be similar in vista) Control panel>administrative tools>services and look for unnecesary things, and disable them.
Examples of things you dont need: ipod loaders, adobe anything, ms office loaders, wireless config (if you dont use wireless) etc.

http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,2845,2110598,00.asp has a lot of items.

Also, check your startup folder and registry for programs that autorun which you dont need (printing status monitors, etc)