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failed contest sorry..... Answered

Sorry guys for the failed contest i was expecting more posts...

I am embarrassed to not be able to give away the gift card.....


cool turtle, im goin make a wallpaper soon so this is perfect for me

no i meant i like your pic but im making a instructables robot wallpaper

Ok by all means go head and make an instructables one please! sorry for the confusion if i dont get enough entrees i might do a different one so please enter!

From the last Queens Maker Faire:

East to west.jpg

7 years ago

I did it quickly, part of it I made for another forum topic.


With apologies to Banksy...

Robot Banksy dog.jpg

Amazon gift cards must be spent on the Amazon site they were bought from.

(So this is only of any value to non-US entrants if they download stuff, eg Kindle books)