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C.O.P. Suit: Personal Protest Wear Answered

Whoever does a DIY version first i will bake cookies, seriously:

C.O.P Suit was inspired by the COP15 climate summit. The brief was to propose solutions for, or to comment on, the ongoing climate debate – using wearable technology and design as a medium.

The C.O.P Suit is an experiment in personal protest wear, designed to address the by now almost ritualised stand-offs between police and demonstrators – what has ironically been described as the ‘folk dance of disorder’. The suit is composed of an armored protection sleeve connected to a megaphone-mounted helmet, offering protection as well as the possibility of voicing commands, orders or simply generating noise. The suit is designed as a purposefully ambiguous and (slightly) ironic artifact, echoing the fetishistic visual language of protesters and police alike – a comment on the similarity of the means each side employs.

The C.O.P suit is designed to be completely self-sustainable – utilising kinetic energy from common gestures in a protest situation (the fist thrust triumphantly into the air, the swinging of a baton or the force of a strike to the armor) to power the megaphone, making rioting hard on the ears, but easy on the conscience.

From: http://ciid.dk/education/portfolio/idp09/courses/performative-design/projects/cop-suit/



6 years ago

I think this is more artistic than practical. In https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Not-Get-Arrested-At-A-RiotProtest/ , author Frenzy noted that you need to blend in. If you want armor, and by all means, it's a good idea, get motorcycle padding and wear in under baggy clothes. Show up on a bike or with a skateboard, so you will have an excuse to wear a bike helmet. Earplugs and sunglasses provide light protection against flashbangs, but still are not very effective. Don't cover your face unless everyone else is doing it. The key thing about armor is to make you able to resist being hit and brought down, allowing you to escape, not stay there and fight. The megaphone is a good idea, but I say just carry one with you so you can ditch it if need be.

Amateur party-goers. The suit affords no protection against getting whacked in the knees, trampled by horses, blindness from flash-bang grenades nor filtering out various nerve-agent gases. If PVC, I guess that is a statement on the polluting chemical companies or if leather, contribution of cows to CO2 and methane buildup, all detrimental to climate. 

You can bake a cake with a file in it for the first person to try it out. They will get arrested for protesting with a mask on. There are ordinances against public protest where your identity is concealed, a while back actress Rosario Dawson was arrested because she was wearing a bandana bandit face mask in costume but was swept up in some conflict nearby mistaken as a terrorist.

Oops, that wouldn't have been fun.

Have you seen "Steal this Book" by Abbie Hoffman? I suggest you get the ebook if you want a few tips on riotting.

Steal this book is very outdated. When written most police just had batons and helmets. Try "Recipes For Disaster" By the crimethinc collective instead.

Ooh, haven't seen that before. Anarchist Cookbook isn't too bad, but doesn't have quite as much on riotting.

Be very careful of this kind of gear. Under homeland security statutes as well as other less overreaching laws you can be classified as everything from a terrorist to an enemy combatant just for showing up dressed like that. You're also begging to be singled out and made an example of. Have fun, secure a lawyer before hand and expect a nasty beat down. Might as well stencil "martyr" on that outfit.


7 years ago

Zack De La Rocha would be proud.