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CPU Thermal Management? Answered

Hi all. First of all, I am running a Pentium 4 530 at 3.0Ghz. The temperature at FULL load is about 60-70 degreese CELCIUS. The cooler us a .. Rocketfish Universal CPU Cooler.. (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Rocketfish%26%23153%3B+-+Universal+CPU+Cooler/9462609.p?id=1218108988702&skuId=9462609) I dont know the code so i gave you a loink to it. I plan to upgrade to a Corsaire H50 to overclock. But first, I want to get my temps with this heatsink under control. I think it's the thermal compound... It's not applied very well.. I had to keep taking the cooler off and putting it back on to get it to clip into the board... :D Anyway, please let me know what you think I should do. THANKS!



7 years ago

Every time you remove the heat sink you need to at least re spread the compound. The preferred thing would to clean it off and apply a new coat each time. If you get a little bit of something stuck to it, like a piece of sand, it could have a effect so its best to clean it if its removed for any time.
The compound I prefer is called arctic silver, it has always been a good performer and usually is close to the top in most tests.

Well, i'll tell ya what, i'm going to re-do the thermal compound.. will the included stuff do until I can get to the store? Anyway.. i'll re-do it and tellya the new temps at FULL load. Wish me luck!


Ok, I re-applied my thermal paste, and say a HUUGE diference. My first applymeny (is that a word?) was HORRIBLE. It now runs at 42-about 51 or so degreese CELCIUS FULL LOAD instead of like... 64. :D Thanks for your help.

Now get the good stuff and it will help even more.

Sounds good. Thanks for the help.

Ok, just a quick announcement, I bought a corsair H50 liquid cooler. (lclc)
Idle: 33C
Load: 45-48C

Re applying the thermal compound definitely does help. I always take it off completely with isopropyl alcohol and re-apply it. Don't use too much either, just a little blob in the middle, and let the heatsink spread it out. I usually buy the expensive stuff, like the nano-diamond or arctic cooling mx-4 (not entirely sure what thats got in, but its not silicone or silver). The silver based stuff works well, but is a pain to get off, and the silicone stuff isn't great, but definitely don't use the white ceramic stuff, it dries up within a few months and really doesn't do much.

As for the temperature, 42-51 degrees is pretty much what is expected for an older CPU like the P4. I have an i5-760 overclocked running at 3.1GHz, and it idles at about 28-36.

Also, the heatsink does make a big difference. I used the stock cooler for an AMD athlon II x4 on another build, and I needed a 6000RPM fan (usually running at about 3500 but it needs to be on about 5000 when gaming or watching blu-ray). When I got my i5, I took one look at the pathetic stock cooler and went out and bought an arctic cooling freezer 7 pro, It keeps the temperature at around 30 degrees even when fully overclocked. The fan only runs at a few hundred RPM, and I think I could probably take it off completely.