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Stockless TR18 Answered

Not really much of a CQB, so I changed the title, for those wondering.

I have developed a stockless TR that performs just as well as a bigger (as in, with a stock) counterpart.
Zak's handle and thumb-hole part are required.

Thoughts, Opinions, Comments?
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Video's here!

Anyways, newer pictures posted.


looks great, but whats that thing in the second last picture?

What is the thing for in the last pic?

That would be a finger seperator or something. I forgot what I called it. It's not needed in any way.


this is better than the original

id use this in a war instead of the original!!

better handle!
lighter (probably)

Thanks! :D

It's Zak's handle, and yeah, it's much smaller and lighter.


8 years ago

where can I find better pics of the handle?

I can take some.
Credit to Zak for handle.

Looks like you took the last part off of Zak's gun. Not really new or 'developed'. If you want a good 'CQB' (usually involves hand-to-hand just so you know) TR, just make a pistol. I made a pretty good 12-turret pistol once. Had Mepain's ratchet system on it and shot as far as a regular TR.

12 shot? that means you designed a new turret! Nice! That's very difficult, how?

I made it back in July. It is the same size as an 8-turret.

He is known as TNCF, or "The name changing fool".  He has a different username for each site lol.

I posted some newer pictures, if you want to have a look.

I did have to find a good pin guide connection, so I did come up with that. I need to add the newer pictures along with the MSC part.

I'll get to doing that in a little while.

I thought the TR18 was small and light enough actually, but I like what you've done with it!

Thanks. Newer pictures will be posted in about 5 minutes.

If you want something more CQB then I'd work on shortening the front of the gun rather than the back. I made a turret pistol with a "bullpup trigger" and that allowed the turret to be right in front of the trigger guard. I didn't develop it any further though so we still lack a short TR.
I bet that having a stock pushed against your shoulder with a short barrel would be just as compact as this thing hugged against you.

I like a TR with a stock.  Easier to aim and pull the pin back IMO.

I do too, but I just wanted something a bit maneuverable, and I thought I'd just show it off.

do what whaleman said or build either bakenbitz's pistol sized tr18 or iac's pistol tr8

Check your youtube inbox btw.


8 years ago