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Calculate energy generated by wind or wave energy? Answered

Is there anyone on here that knows how to calculate the energy generated by from wind or waves turbines.
I've been trying to find out on the 'net but all i can find is either way too advanced for me or just describing good places to put the turbines. I want to know if I should go for wind or wave energy for greening out my summer house.? I think wave generated energy would suit the place best but i need to confirm that.



8 years ago

A library book (this was a while ago, obviously) gave a good 'wind power available' equation:
Power = 0.001 X area of airfoil X wind speed cubed

Of course, the efficiency of the airfoils (blades), the efficiency of the gearing, the efficiency of the generator, line losses, battery internal resistance, inverter losses... all of these must taken into account.

How about considering photovoltaic panels?

Am I right in thinking you want to work out the best way of providing energy to a property beside the sea?

A photo of the property in context (or a Google Earth view) would help a lot - some locations are better than others for either energy system.

If you are looking at small-scale wave power, you could try building a small version of Limpet.

Did you try typing "calculate wind energy" into Google?  The first four hits are all at a reasonable basic level.  They don't even bring up partial differential equations.