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Calculator IM Answered

At my school we are required to have these TI-83 plus calculators for math. Of course we have classic games and stuff that we put on there, but we want to try to put an infrared emitter and detector on it so we could send IM's within the room to each other. Kinda like texting. Could anyone help us by suggesting ways to do this?



8 years ago

Wow i am so impressed i mean calculators that can play flash games that is so ausome where do you get them ?


10 years ago

Awesome! but for this program you need to have them connected via cable link. I want to do it through Infrared or RF. That way it is wireless. Is there a way to transmit this data so the calculator thinks there is a cord?

dungeon runnerJordo

Reply 8 years ago

Yes, it's called an IR link. It can send wireless data between calculators, but it involves a lot of hacking and sundry other acts of black magery (Just kidding).

It is also extremely hard to find, difficult to program, and there are no official tutorials that I know of. Not to discourage, but it will be a ton of work. (I mean, Jesus Christ, whatever happened to just passing notes?)