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Calculator Programs for Math Answered

I've been working on some programs for my calculator recently and have decided to share them. I made these myself from scratch. If you want to modify go ahead just credit me. Don't sell them. And don't use them in math class if your teacher says not to. The programs are a follows: a quadratic formula solver, parabola solver, slope of a linear equation finder, and y-intercept finder. The programs work on TI-83's and TI-84's. If you have questions on how to use them or how to put them on your calculator please leave a comment!


hi buddy ,
Let's have a look on prime numbers and be here to post a programme to print Prime Numbers upto 100............So please help me to fnd ths programme .


10 years ago

Is there a TI-83/84 emulator that will run on a desktop PC, and (say) let me debug programs using a REAL editor/etc ?

I have not seen any like that. But it would be awesome if there was one.

i'm not sure. i think there might be one included w/the TI connect software, but since i don't run it too often(windows), i not really sure. if you find one let me know

i wanna put mario on my calculator... thats when i get one of those programmable ones

Cool stuff, thanks! I was fiddling with calculator programming at the beginning of the year, and gave up. I decided to stick with C++.