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Call for Mac & Cheese Recipes! Answered

Homeroom is a specialty Mac & Cheese restaurant opening soon in Oakland.  Even better, they're running a mac and cheese recipe challenge!  You don't have to be local to enter (or win), and the best recipes will be included in their upcoming cookbook.  I suggest posting your mac'n'cheese Instructable, then sending along the link as your entry - we'd like to see what you've made, too!

Details from the Homeroom website:

The winning dish will be selected from a group of 10 finalists, who will be invited to show off their mac and cheese at cook-off party held right here in Oakland. But don’t worry out-of-towners, if we choose your recipe one of us will cook it up for you.

But there’s a catch.

For your recipe to qualify for the grand prize or for a spot in the cookbook, you must follow a few simple rules:

* You must use only California cheeses in your mac and cheese.
* All recipes must be based on 1 pound of dried pasta.
* The retail cost of all your ingredients must equal or be less than $20. This includes pasta, milk, butter, flour, cheeses and whichever veggies or meats you decide to include.
* Email your entries topmac@homeroom510.com no later October 15, 2010. Be sure to include your name, contact info, and a detailed recipe, including brand-names.
* Gluten-free and vegan recipes are welcome and encouraged!



7 years ago

What do they mean, "California cheeses?" As in, cheese that you can easily buy in California, or cheese that is made in California?

.  Don't know for sure, but would be will to bet a quarter that the cheese must be made in CA, using CA milk.

Well count me out. That's a fairly limiting requirement, isn't it??

1) Yeah. But it's a local restaurant in Oakland, CA, so I can see how they would want to promote CA products. It would be different if it was a nation-wide chain or located in Mumbai.
2) Keep in mind that I'm just guessing. Check with the contest organizers for an authoritative answer.

Check labels - I bet you've got a surprising amount of CA cheese available in your local yuppie grocery.

Plenty of yuppie stores, yes - not sure about the origins of the cheese. Probably Canadian, though (at least the stuff we buy).

. YUPpies!?!? We ain't got no YUPpies in South Arkansas. Gotta travel at least two hours to get to anything close to U. ;)

I'll bet there's a surprising amount of yuppie grocery stores in his neck of the woods just like there are country stores in my part of town.

I'd assume made in California.